Not everyone is
happy in a nappy.

I am a person, not an institution.

Doctor knows best?

The view from my bed.

As you get older,
who will you trust
to carry out your

Who's on his side?
When others think
they know best.

A Gilded Cage
is still a Cage

Who would you trust?
...with your money
...with your life
...with where you live
...with whom you live
...with choosing who cares for you?

INFORMATION & ADVICE – RAPID RESPONSE SERVICE 1850 71 94 00 — 8am to 10pm daily — Where urgent support is needed Sage Representatives can be available nationwide within 24 hours.

Nothing about you / without you


Sage promotes and support the rights of vulnerable adults and older people. The right to have your voice heard and to participate in the making of decisions which affect you is a fundamental principle in a democratic society. It is about independence and interdependence. It is a principle simply stated as “Nothing about you / without you”



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