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Volunteer Recruitment

Sage are looking for volunteers who can support Sage by tackling the most complex support and advocacy challenges presented by vulnerable adults and older people. Volunteers will be individuals who can demonstrate empathy with the objectives of Sage and skills in communicating and developing relationships with clients and key stakeholders. 



Key Volunteer Roles:

Support Person

People who promote awareness of Sage and its services at local level, who provide general support to Sage clients to enable them make their voice heard and who refer on to an advocate where necessary.  Support People will interact with various key audiences, including service providers and relevant community and voluntary organisations.


People who are free from any conflict of interest who act as the voice for a person who may be vulnerable regarding a single issue or a range of related issues. By providing information to the person, ensuring that they understand the decisions they must make and helping them to express their will and preferences, the independent advocate works to keep the person at the centre of the decision-making process.


People with legal, financial, housing, mediation and other areas of specialist expertise who provide support to staff and volunteers regarding complex issues.

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