Authority to Act Forms

Sage works with and on behalf of a person with their consent. Sage uses an Authority to Act form signed by our client, or their representative, which gives Sage permission to act on their behalf.

Sage uses four types of Authority to Act forms depending on the specific circumstances of our client:

  • A person can give their consent to Sage by signing the Client Authority to Act form.
  • In circumstances where a person is unable to physically sign the form themselves, they can give permission to a person of their choice, their representative, to sign the Client Representative Authority to Act form on their behalf.
  • In circumstances where a person has executed an Enduring Power of Attorney which has been registered, the person’s appointed Attorney with the necessary authority signs the Authority to Act for EPA.
  • In circumstances where a person is unable to give consent for Sage to act on their behalf, Sage may work on a Non-Instructed Advocacy basis where this is necessary. 
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