Support & Advocacy "towards a voice"

Sage provides support and advocacy services for older people who may experience challenges in their lives due to ageing. Here we describe the support and advocacy services that we provide in different settings. If you are an older person seeking support or you are a staff member of a nursing home or hospital seeking urgent support on behalf of a resident or patient you can call the Sage team on 01 536 7330.For out of hours contact our Helpline: 1850 719 400

Sage has identified the following issues that older people may have (either as individuals or in groups of older people in the same location) where it can offer its services;

  • Activities of daily living (for example, food, bill paying etc)
  • More complex or multi-dimensional issues (for example, family conflict)
  • Where a person is in a process of transition (for example, between care settings)
  • Where there are issues about a person’s rights.

Sage advocacy services and/or support will be provided as required once consent to receive such services is received from the person concerned.

Sage services have been established in priority areas and Sage Development Workers exist in;

  • Dublin North,
  • Dublin South-West & Kildare 
  • Dublin South-East & Wicklow 
  • North East 
  • Cork & the South West
  • Galway & the West 
  • Mid-West 
  • South East
  • Laois, Offaly & Westmeath
  • North-West.

Sage’s National Advisory Committee (NAC) provides specialist assistance for complex issues. In addition, specific groups, such as the Legal and Financial Support Group have been appointed to Sage to cover any area where information and assistance may be needed. Support in the use of the ‘Think Ahead’ resource for registering wishes and preferences in the event of an emergency, serious illness or death.

Educational and personal development opportunities to potential leaders in care services who see the expression of resident’s opinions and concerns as a means of improving the quality of their services.



The word advocacy comes from the latin ‘ad vocare’ which means “towards a voice.”

Sage sees advocacy as the empowerment of people to ensure that they can articulate their needs and have their voices heard, either through themselves, or by someone else on their behalf. Support can involve building a relationship of trust and friendship. It can also involve organising services and Circles of Support.