Sage Advocacy acts on behalf of older people who need support in fulfilling their wish to remain living in their own homes and communities. Get in touch if you are having difficulty in securing the care and support needed to remain at home/return home from another place of care; or if there are hard-to-resolve issues with your housing that affect your ability to stay there; or if conflict or controlling behaviour is pushing you out or making life at home miserable. Sage Advocacy can also provide information and guidance if you are having difficulty with your personal affairs or in dealing with the systems of public provision.
Sage Advocacy supports people who are having difficulty with the process of obtaining nursing home care; people who are having issues with their nursing home or for whom there is a safeguarding concern; and people who have decided to leave their nursing home to move home (or to another place of care). Click through to view a presentation about how Sage Advocacy supports nursing home residents.
Sage Advocacy supports older people with returning home from hospital; or with the transition from hospital to nursing home care. It can also help if there are issues with hospital discharge arising from family conflict; or if there has been an adverse event or a safeguarding concern about the care being provided in hospital or concern about the conduct of family overstepping their role and misusing the (legally meaningless) position of ‘next of kin’ in order to deprive the older person of their own decisions.

Forty Shades of Grey – Commission on Care for Older People

On February 29, 2024, Sage Advocacy held a seminar on Responding to the Challenges and Opportunities of an Ageing Society and Economy. Click the link to read about the event (including access to speaker presentations), and how its outcomes (alongside  the Choice Matters report and Red C poll findings) will form part of Sage Advocacy’s submission to the Government’s Commission on Care for Older People.

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Representative Advocacy is at the heart of our work. We provide a voice for people who may be vulnerable; independent of family, service provider & systems interests.

Our nationwide team of experienced advocates works in all settings: homes, day centres, respite facilities, congregated care settings/nursing homes, hospitals, hostels, hospices and in the process of transition between them.

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Eg continuing care at home; housing issues; conflict; personal affairs.

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Eg Nursing Home Support Scheme; safeguarding concerns; deprivation of liberty.


Eg complex hospital discharge; safeguarding concerns; adverse events; ‘next of kin’ issues.


Support for people coping with the lifelong effects of institutional abuse in early life.


Support with the transition from one place of care to another.

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