Bulgaria (19th - 21st June 2023)

The Tulip Foundation has a mission to encourage social responsibility in Bulgarian society by enhancing co-operation among civil society, the corporate sector, national and local authorities to improve the quality of life and developmental opportunities for the people by:

• Raising funds for social investment from individual donors, the business sector and public and private sources
• Providing financial and technical support to civil society organisations addressing social needs of the community at a national level
• Contributing to the effectiveness, sustainability and diversity of social programmes in Bulgaria by making targeted grants
• Serving as a professional vehicle and provide expert advice, consultancy, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes
• Promoting transparency, accountability and professionalism to comply with the highest ethical standards
• Working in partnership with other civil and business organisations at national or local level for greater social responsibility and sustainability of the civil sector in    Bulgaria

The Safeguarding Older Persons’ Legal And Human Rights Through An Active Citizenship Inter-generational Approach Project is a strategic partnership between four organisations with different background and different experience, but common understanding. Sage Advocacy from Ireland, BAGSO from Germany, Tulip Foundation from Bulgaria and Pro Senectute from Austria seek to develop through learning and exchange of practice how an active citizenship and inter-generational response to protecting the human and legal rights of older persons in the participating countries can be advanced.

The planned third learning, teaching and training event took place in Sofia from 19 to 21 June. Tulip Foundation organised and hosted the event with participants from Ireland, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. The presentations and discussions during the three working days were directly related to the theme of the meeting – practical solutions for the protection of the rights of older people through intergenerational support.

The Agenda and Presentations from the event can be accessed here.