Postcards with an Edge

There are a number of ways that you can support the work of Sage Advocacy. You could consider purchasing our Postcards with an Edge (below) and using them to spread awareness and understanding of our work. You can make a once-off donation or make a manageable monthly gift here. If you are considering making a bequest to Sage Advocacy, you can read more here. And if you have time and specialist skills that you are keen to donate as a volunteer, you can get in touch at

Postcards with an Edge

The work that Sage Advocacy carries out with clients, family members and service providers is extremely sensitive and we engage with people on the basis of strict confidentiality. We cannot therefore tell people’s stories or link them to the media except in the most exceptional circumstances; usually where they want to tell their own story.

Since Sage Advocacy was first established in 2014 some key issues have emerged from our work. These issues are often challenging and, in some cases, they are only whispered about. To highlight these issues and build public, professional and media interest around them we have produced a set of postcards called Postcards with an edge.

Buy a packet for €25 and send one to people you think would benefit from receiving them; close friends, public representatives or people of influence that you admire. In the process you will be helping Sage Advocacy live up to its motto ‘Nothing about you / without you’.

Tax and postage are included in the price