Systemic Advocacy

Sage Advocacy has as one of its strategic objectives to build an understanding and appreciation of the systemic inequalities and weaknesses that exist in Irish legislation, policies, and practices. To this end, it focuses on engagement with policy makers, public representatives, budget holders, decision-makers and the media regarding systemic issues of concern.

Systemic advocacy is aimed at influencing decisions made by the government or public bodies. It has an important role in helping to address larger systemic issues and includes all attempts to influence legislators and officials. The experiences of individuals and groups engaging with the health and social care delivery system as mediated through advocates can provide a rich data source for feedback to Government and related policy development. 

Systemic issues of particular concern to us are:

People’s right to self-determination

Protecting vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation

Assertion of people’s legal and human rights

Implementation of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015

Sage Advocacy’s activities in this regard include: