Feeney showed role philanthropy can play in social progress

Sage Advocacy pays tribute to Chuck Feeney

Sage Advocacy mourns the death of Chuck Feeney, whose quiet and principled philanthropy did so much to provide strategically important social investment in areas and on issues that, before the support of The Atlantic Philanthropies became available, were vitally important but often working at the margins.

Mr Feeney’s long and generously lived life is a testament to the fact that great personal wealth can be used to promote social progress.

Sage Advocacy CEO, Mervyn Taylor, expressed his personal appreciation of the support of The Atlantic Philanthropies in the development of Sage Advocacy as the National Advocacy Service for Older People through a joint initiative with the HSE.

He also noted the enormous contribution that Chuck Feeney’s philanthropy has made to the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme, which was developed through the Irish Hospice Foundation and is now being mainstreamed through the HSE.

“It is unlikely that Ireland will ever again benefit from such strategically considered social investment as was made available as a result of Chuck Feeney’s funding.

“His approach was radical and simple: ‘Use your wealth to help people. Use your wealth to create institutions to help people,’ he once said – and he emphasised that ‘when it comes down to it, it’s always people’.”

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